Young Chef Olympiad started with a vision of being the best platform to bring the world closer, via food as food unites people. Thus, Dr. Suborno Bose, Chairman,YCO Global Council Co-chairman and CEO, International Hospitality Council Founder and Chief Mentor, Indismart Group YCO, took the initiative and kicked off Young Chef Olympiad in the year 2015 and rest is history ! Read More

Meet The Winners

Cyrene Randrianasolo

YCO-2019 [ France ]

Lai Jia Yi

YCO-2018 [ Malaysia ]

Tham Jiajun Mathew

YCO-2017 [ Singapore ]

Daniella Germond

YCO-2016 [ Canada ]

Ashwin Nicholas Oon

YCO-2015 [ Malaysia ]

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