United World of Young Chefs

United world of Young Chefs is an initiative which brings to the table an opportunity for the student chefs and chef mentors participating in the 6th edition of Young Chef Olympiad to highlight the special qualities of their national cuisine to the rest of the Culinary world.

It is indeed a great opportunity and honor to be a part of this historic occasion in which the chefs from 50 countries will be presenting a national dish under one roof.
The Guinness Book of World Record has been informed of the event and the organizers are awaiting their response.

The event will be covered extensively by the press and television media as well as by the Internet and web-based Publications in India and rest of the world.
The YCO participants will contribute by preparing their respective national dish or an equally acceptable dish of national repute that highlights the culinary traditions of the nation.

The recipe could be an isolated dish or a combination of dishes traditionally served together. The dish should be such that can be served in a Chaffing dish.
The dish will have to be cooked and displayed at the event titled UNITED WORLD OF YOUNG CHEFS to be held at Hotel Hyatt Regency Kolkata on Saturday, 1st February. 2020. The signature event will commence at 6 PM IST.

The National dishes will be displayed on specially set up counters with the respective national flags and any other traditional props.
12 (Twelve) portions of the dish will have to be cooked per team for sampling.

The event will be an exclusive Invitees only which will be attended by the who,s who of the Hospitality scene in India and other special invitees such as Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Top Business owners, celebrities Corporate Chefs, Executive chefs, and media

Members of the International Hospitality Council, the panel of YCO Judges, Celebrity chefs will attend among many others.

1. After registering for the YCO, 2020 the participants will be requested to share the following details of the dish:-

o Name of the dish
o Recipe of the dish for 10 portions
o Picture of the dish
o A video of the preparation method
o Mis en place list
o List of ingredients that will be carried along by the participants from the country.

2. The organizing team will go through the recipes and identify the ingredients that could be challenging/ not possible to source in India. This information will then be shared with the respective teams for them to source the same at their end and bring when they travel to India.

3. Food will be cooked primarily by the TEAM consisting of Chefs of HYATT and Chefs of IIHM assisted by the students of IIHM and in consultations with the Young Chef and the chef mentor of the respective country.

4. The recipes and other relevant information will be shared with the identified chef teams before the event so that the process flow is smooth.

5. The participants can bring traditional serving equipment, table appointments, condiments or props etc that will enhance the dish and its presentation.

6. The dishes will be displayed in buffet chaffing dishes alongside one portion of the dish plated in either traditional serving dish or an individual plate.

7. The participants can bring a printed write up in the form of a brochure or a roll up the banner to display at the display table. The national flag of each country will also be flown here.

8. Each team enters the presentation area carrying a representative dish and dressed in traditional or national attire among cheering from the crowd.

9. Only small tasting dishes will be available to the guests along with cutlery.

10. The participants will interact with the guests during the service.