Dr. Suborno Bose

"YCO, today, is the biggest and the best Culinary event in the world for Young Chefs" -Dr. Suborno Bose

Young Chef Olympiad was curated with the intention of bringing the young and promising future stars of the international culinary community on a single platform where they could connect, share ideas and innovations while creating something exceptional out of their experiences. YCO 2018 turned out to be at least thrice as big as its inaugural counterpart in 2015. Heartened by the reception of its local cousin, Young Chef India Schools, we were encouraged to set the ball rolling on the International Young Chef Olympiad, supported by the Ministry of Tourism, India. We thought, why not extend this event internationally? Why not bring more people from varying backgrounds to this platform so that we could have a more heterogeneous space for learning? Therefore, in 2015 we organised the first ever International Young Chef Olympiad with 15 participating countries. The rest has been an extraordinary success story.

While 2015 saw 15 participating countries, in 2018 we hosted almost 50 countries, which speaks volumes about the kind of enthusiasm and acceptance we have received from the international culinary fraternity. Some of the most celebrated personalities of said fraternity have agreed to be involved in this event as judges. Young Chef Olympiad has successfully put India on the culinary map of the world. Now we are planning to build a sustainable model for YCO for the next 50 years. We are looking at not just being stationed in India, but taking the Olympiad abroad to different countries, where it would be easier to unearth even more local talent. I’m hopeful that we’ll continue to make India proud. I invite you to walk

Dr.. Suborno Bose
Chairman, YCO Global Council
Co-chairman and CEO, International Hospitality Council
Founder and Chief Mentor, Indismart Group