Chris Galvin

Michelin-starred Chef

Grew up in: Essex, England.

Currently: Chef/ patron of Galvin Restaurants. Owner of 10 French restaurants (of which four are in London) with his brother Jeff.

Past experience: The Ritz Hotel, L’escargot, Conran Restaurants.

Wow factor: Earned his Michelin star in Year 2000 at restaurant Orrery.

My association with YCO came through a discussion with Professor David Foskett who explained the importance of the contest and the opportunity it gave to young people from around the world to share and develop ideas and skills on a huge stage. I hold education and lifelong learn-ing for all close to my heart. YCO encompasses both of these aspects especially with the way friendships and hands across the seas are embraced and encouraged throughout the event. Meeting Dr. Bose sealed the deal for me... he is a force of nature! A kinder, more patient, driven and focused man I have yet to meet.

For me, the scale and atten-tion to detail delivered by IIHM was world-class. I have judged many national and international competi-tions and YCO is certainly up there as one of the most impressive. The calibre of judg-es was very high and carefully chosen, I would say, for their im-mense first-class experience, sense of fairness and desire to support everyone whilst diligently working to discover the best chef. They also happened to be some of the best chefs I have met on a professional and social note with some long-lasting friendships made.

My first visit to India completely took my breath away for the sheer scale of experiences both cultural and culinary... it changed me forever. For the students, they would say similar to the above, but with the addition of expe-riencing a huge sense of camaraderie, dis-covering what it takes to be the best, won-derful mentoring and most importantly the “esprit de corp” generated throughout the competition. They learned some very important lessons in life whilst making friends for life.

Hard to imagine how to make it bigger whilst retaining its integrity and attention to de-tail, other than the support of the com-peting countries, media and some other international culinary bodies giving recognition and support which they should indeed do.

I have judged many national and international competitions and YCO is certainly up there as one of the most impressive. The calibre of judges was very high and carefully chosen.
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