Directors Speak

Abdullah Ahmed FIIHM

Chief Operating Officer, IIHM Group & Director,IIHM Delhi

Massive, passion, madness… all
the synonyms for these three words
describe the journey of Team Young
Chef Olympiad. Today, when we
look at the videos of the opening
of YCO 2015, we can see how the
event has grown and matured. It’s

Sanchari Chowdhury

Director, IIHM Bangalore

The most beautiful part is the liaison
that happens after the competition.
The MoU, or the signing that happens
between participating countries, is
equivalent to the emotional quotient
of this relationship. Wherein we
exchange our students completely for
learning purposes, for internships
and future prospects. There is no
monetary angle.

Mr. J Earnest Immanuel

Director, IIHM Hyderabad

The Young Chef Olympiad is more than a competition; it is a platform that nurtures the culinary talents of tomorrow. It inspires young chefs to push their boundaries, explore new horizons in gastronomy, and pursue culinary excellence with dedication and passion. Many past participants have gone on to achieve great success in the culinary world, becoming renowned chefs and restaurateurs in their own right. It is a remarkable showcase of talent, culture, and culinary artistry.

Ms. Mandvi Rathore

Director, IIHM Jaipur

This was my first year of this
mega event. I have never
before seen an event of such
magnitude. The students of
the twin campuses, Delhi and
Jaipur, help in the organisation
of this, the largest culinary
event in Asia

Rupinder Khurana

Director, IIHM Pune

Even the countries who don’t make
it to the Top 10 stay on to cheer their
friends, because by then everyone’s
made friends. I’ve never known a
country to leave after not placing.
As for what’s next for YCO, well, all I
can say is that the sky is the limit!

Sanjukta Bose

Director, IIHM Kolkata

We never thought YCO would be
such a success when we started with
15 countries in 2015. To see all the
international chefs cooking in the
same space is incredible. In 2018,
we had four times the number of
celebrity judges. The arrangements
are very elaborate but it gives us a
lot of joy to be the hosts for such an

Mr. Sourav Chatterjee

Interim Campus Head- IIHM, Goa

The Young Chef Olympiad is a remarkable platform, offering invaluable learning opportunities to our budding culinary and hospitality talents. Beyond the kitchen, it fosters meaningful relationships among faculty, students, contestants, mentors, and judges, enriching their hospitality journeys. This event is a testament to the growth and collaboration within the hospitality world.