Enzo Oliveri

Celebrity Chef

The first time I went to India for YCO was in 2017 as mentor representing Italy and Antonello da Messina College, where I was nominated as judge. And in 2018, I was on the judge panel.

This concept is marvellous... it puts the culture and hospitality world together in a constructive competition.

The biggest learning for everybody in YCO is that there are no barriers in the world of food and hospitality, we are all there to share our knowledge.

The participants need to be creative, tech-nically skilled, competitive and most of all social. That’s what I look for as judge.

I think YCO is already bigger and better and with the work of IIHM and everybody involved in the organisation, it can go only one way — UP, BIGGER AND BETTER. Soon, all the countries in the world will want to be part of YCO.

Name : Vincenzo Oliveri.

Better known as : Enzo Oliveri or The Sicilian Chef.

Owns : Six Italian restaurants in London and Sicily. Currently: Working as chef and nutritionist for Italian National Cycling Team.

TV shows : Kitchen Impossible with chef Michel Roux Jr. ‘Sicily with Aldo & Enzo’ with chef Aldo Zilli.

Good friends with : Gordon Ramsay. They went octopus hunting in Sicily together for American cooking show F Word.

Cooked for : Princess Diana, John Travolta and many more.